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Thank you for your review. Actually, the UrineOut Powder IS doing it's job. It's bringing or "wicking" all of the old urine that is DEEP in the carpet, and bringing it up to the surface. This is good. That would be why the spots are still "yellow", because you still have urine in the spots. Also, this would explain why the areas still smell like urine, because you still have urine to remove. No worries, though.

Vacuum the areas again and then repeat another application until ALL of the urine is removed. It may take several applications to remove ALL of the urine. I've multiple applications on really bad areas to remove urine from DEEP in the carpet. Plus, the UrineOut Powder is removing all of the other liquid cleaners that you've used on these areas.

In addition, since you still have urine odors in the spots (because you not yet clean them thoroughly), this is attracting your dogs back to the areas. Just like when dogs go outdoors and sniff around the grass to smell where they've peed before, they are doing this with these spots on your carpet because you still need to re-clean areas. Especially after dogs have been using the same areas over and over again, the urine gets built up deep down in the carpet. So, the beauty of the UrineOut Powder is you can do multiple applications to "wick" ALL of the urine from the carpet for permanent stain and odor removal.

At Planet Urine - Pet Stain Removal Experts, we strive to solve ALL pet urine stain & odor problems. However, in the rare instance that we can't, we still APPRECIATE your business. We have issued you a refund for your products.

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